Russian Doll

Midwich Cuckoos


What started out as a couple of songs written from 1 friend to another soon became an unpredictable punk rock cluster-f*#k.

...with no band or specific intentions for the songs Patch had an idea. How about if the tracks were sent to various musicians, they record their own parts & send them back? No need for band commitments, rehearsals or travelling the globe...The songs would remain punk rock in essence, but the outcome was unpredictable and exciting-open for people to put their own stamp on the tracks! This unpressurised approach drew from as far afield as Italy, Brazil and beyond. The more people added to the songs the more dynamic they became. What started as a few chords in a bedroom soon became heavy baselines, shredding guitar solos and dirty beats...An album seemingly wrote itself, but things didn't stop there...

After seeing how a simple idea could snowball into something bigger it wasn't long before talk of a music video came along...

'After a few beers with my good friend John Stow (Intraspectrum Studios), he told me it's a shame my old band, Monsters in the Attic, broke up as he had some good music video ideas for 1 of the songs, 'Sasquatch'... I told him I was just writing a new album & I'd always wanted to make a video...i sent him some tracks, he showed me what he'd already done... Next thing we were both agreeing how good race cars & fire would look'.

So here we are… an intense-tasting fruit of everyone's labour. Now it's time to sit back & enjoy..
Ladies & gentlemen we give you...
The Midwich Cuckoos.

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The Band

The Crew



Enrico Peccin - Recorded Drums
Tom Walding & Dave Christmas - Recorded Guitars
Jose Suarez - Recording & Production
Tim Kramer, Signal House Studios - Mixing & Mastering
Jarrad Hearman - Recording & Production on 'Russian Doll' single

Music Video Production

Helka Harju - 1st AD | Sophie Cotton - 3rd AD | Ewan Mulligan - DOP Camera Operator | Emily Harwood - Production Designer | Adam Palmer - Camera Operator | Beany - Camera Operator & Lighting Gaffer | Lee Thompson - Camera Operator | Noel - Cam 3 AC | Harry Dwyer - Drone Operator | Will Martin - Drone Operator Assistant | Manuel SA - FP1 | Sabrina Corda - Gaffer | Jenny Anderton - Costume Designer | Jack Coakley - Make Up Artist | Demi Amat - Make Up Artist | Niki De Jong - Make Up Artist | Jesse Matthews - Lighting | Sepehr Moshki - Data Wrangler | Phil Davies - VFX Supervisor | Danya - VFX Assistant | Ros Butler - Props Master | Kes - Assistant Props Master | Anne Marie Taberdo - SFX Supervisor | Luis Martin Munoz - SFX Assistant | Rachel Upson - Performance Supervisor


Press - [email protected] | Label - [email protected]